Raised by a family of surfers in an warm idyll corner of Australia, Sandy made the logical decision at 19 to move to frozen, inland Montreal. Her ability to be small and straighten legs soon alerted the attention of Margaret River’s Lunar Circus, so by the age of seven she was completely brainwashed and in complete adoration of Circus and its operators.

Much to her father’s dismay, Sandy did not follow his wish that she become a professional surfer. He kindly reminds her that the much more highly regarded profession of supermarket grocer is still an option.

At 15 Sandy moved to New South Wales, Australia to further her training with the Flying Fruit Fly Circus.
It was at the Fruities that she began to specialise in rope and 3 years later she found herself in Ecole Nationale de Cirque with her trainers: Irena Purske, Sarah Poole and Veronique Thibault.